Minor Basilica in Krzeszów


EUROPEAN PEARL OF BAROQUE – that is how Krzeszów is so-called by the experts of the culture and art from around the world. It is a relic of class “0” on the list of the President. In the near future it will be placed on the world’s list of UNESCO. Krzeszów is a small town picturesquely situated on the river of Zadrna near Kamienna Góra, Lower Silesia, in the Diocese of Legnica. The main attractions of Krzeszów are monumental works of the greatest artists of the Silesian Baroque: M. Willmann, M. Engler, JW Neunhertz, F.M. Brokof, P. Brandl, J. Schrotter. The complex includes the Basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, church of St. Joseph, Mausoleum of the Silesian princes, convent of Benedictine Nuns and the Krzeszowska Calvary.

THE CAPITAL OF OUR LADY OF THE GRACE – that is what devotees of Our Lady in the country and abroad say about this place. The Shrine of Our Lady of Grace is the main sanctuary of the Diocese of Legnica. In the present, the Diocese, in the person of the Bishop of Legnica and the Chancellor of the Curia take care of the beauty of the Shrine with the help of the European Union. They carry out the renovations in the historic unprecedented scale.

The greatest treasure of the Krzeszow Shrine is the icon of Our Lady of Grace. It is dated the first half of the thirteenth century. It is the oldest Marian image in Poland. It is believed that the founder of the monastery – Prince of Swidnica-Jawor – Bolko I has donated it to Cistercians.

On June 2, 1997, the Servant of God John Paul II during his visit to the Piast Legnica crowned the icon with the papal crowns. We wish to all the pilgrims and tourists who will visit the Krzeszow Shrine, that they experience in the House of the Mother of Grace many graces and wonderful encounter with God and Mother of Christ. We wish you also an unforgettable experience of encountering with the beauty of Baroque art and architecture.

You can see also a panoramic view of our Basilica: http://www.opactwo.eu/wycieczka/krzeszow.html